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September 4th, 2020

Meet 2020 LEAF Finalist B.J. Fisher

NewSong’s 7th annual LEAF Festival Singer-Songwriter Competition takes place Oct. 24! This month, we are introducing readers to our eight, talented finalists. Today we are proud to highlight B.J. Fisher.

B.J. has been writing songs for the past 10 years while raising a young family of 6 and working in Milwaukee, WI. His debut album, Night Reminder, will be released this year

We asked B.J. some questions to learn more about his artistic process and inspiration. 


How do you describe your songwriting process?

My songwriting process varies, but often I feel a weight of experience and emotion that needs working out. I feel the need to look at my life, at things happening and begin naming things and letting them breathe. When I feel a song inside that needs working out, I do my best to pick up the guitar, fool around for a while and begin singing whatever comes, Free Willy style. When something lands and feels right, I stand on that to ride the wave, then slowly flesh out the rest of the song. It’s rare that the whole song happens at once, but it does happen. It’s usually a couple weeks, months or even years before it’s finished. I’ve also written words down on a page and put that to music, but it’s usually music before lyrics, or music and lyrics simultaneously.

Where do you find inspiration and who are your songwriting muses/heroes?

I find loads of inspiration from the wild ride of marriage, parenting small children, from striking works of art and relationships with people, nature and God. There’s been enough mystical happenings throughout my life that I’ve had to take notice, and I undoubtedly draw inspiration from them. The matters of the heart seem to strike more chords with me than any other. Some of my absolute favorite singer-songwriters are Bob Dylan, Bill Fay and Michael Nau.

What important news about your music do you have coming up?

I’m about to master my debut album, Night Reminder, releasing this year. The first single will be released this summer.

What does it mean to you to be selected as a NewSong finalist, and what do you hope to get out of the experience?

To be selected as one of the finalists for this event is so encouraging for me, as I’m just now beginning to release songs in my thirties, and to receive the support from the NewSong team is very special. Upon looking into the festival I was moved by the history, the welcoming spirit and holistic approach of bringing people together to celebrate life engulfed by the beautiful landscape of Black Mountain, NC. I hope to leave LEAF with new friends, a bigger heart and a greater sense of my purpose as an artist. 
Learn more about BJ on his website Follow him on Instagram @B.J._Fisher and on Facebook