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August 28th, 2020

Meet 2020 LEAF Finalist Naïmah

NewSong’s 7th annual LEAF Festival Singer-Songwriter Competition takes place Oct. 24! This month, we are introducing readers to our eight, talented finalists. Today we are proud to highlight Los Angeles, CA based artist Naïmah.

Naïmah is a SESAC-affiliated and Billboard-recognized singer and songwriter from Washington, D.C., currently based in Los Angeles. She is a member of songwriting/production teams Astana Music—a new record and production company created by legendary producer & Grammy-winning songwriter George Brown (founding member of Kool & the Gang), and The Element—a songwriting & production team made up of esteemed Grammy-winning songwriters, musicians and engineers.

We asked Naïmah some questions to learn more about her artistic process and inspiration. 

How do you describe your songwriting process.

My songwriting varies, but whether it’s with a guitar, a produced beat, or just some snaps – first and foremost is the melody. I start with a melody to lead how the picture starts unfolding in my head. With a few filler words that don’t make any sense I come across the one line that stands out and starts to direct the storyline. From there, it’s all smooth sailing describing the story like a scene on film.


Where do you find inspiration and who are your songwriting muses/heroes?

I find inspiration anywhere, honestly. Books, experiences, stories my friends relay, films, dreams… everywhere. Elliott Smith has been my favorite songwriter since 8th grade and remains so to this day.

What important news about your music do you have coming up?

With Covid, a lot of projects have been placed on hold, but I look forward to things taking motion again and the projects I have music on.

What does it mean to you to be selected as a NewSong finalist, and what do you hope to get out of the experience?

It means a lot to be a part of this diverse and talented circle of songwriters, and the broader artist community via the LEAF roster. I am really hoping I can participate in the in-person festival once COVID-19 is under control, so we can all come together to celebrate each other’s talents, gain more inspiration, and identify collaboration opportunities!
Learn more about Naïmah on her website, and follow the artist on Facebook and on Instagram @naimahmusic