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Meet the 2022 Finalists: Mikalyn

Mikalyn is a teen singer-songwriter from Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Her singer-songwriter journey had a significant boost when a Brazilian record label discovered her original, piano-driven songs on Soundcloud and offered to transform them into EDM hits, according to her bio. “These collaborations introduced new listeners to her original indie-pop songs.”

NewSong Music: What sort of music was playing in your house when you were growing up? 

Mikalyn: There was always music being played around my house growing up – a wide variety! There was a lot of older music – ABBA, Tears for Fears, Pet Shop Boys, Soft Cell, U2, The Smiths, The Police, the list goes on and on! There was also a good mix of genres – we had pop, rock, alternative, or dinner jazz. 

What inspired you to become a songwriter? 

I always had a very active imagination as a kid and would tell stories to my friends on the bus. I also loved to sing, so I figured out songwriting was a way to combine writing and music!  

A woman with long hair and a black shirts sits with her arms crossed looking away from the camera.What is the first song you wrote that you were really proud of? 

The first song I wrote that I was proud of was one called “Avery’s Song.” I wrote it when I was 9, for my best friend’s 10th birthday. It was the first song I ever got to record and have an mp3 of, my first song with a true structure and story, and first song that I wrote multiple drafts of and really put time into. I think it taught me a lot about how to write, and I could take what I learned through it and apply it over and over as I continued to write.  

If you could partner with another living songwriter to co-write a song, who would it be? 

I would love to collaborate with Marina Diamandis. She was the most instrumental artist when I was developing my style, and I look up to her a lot, not only as a songwriter and artist, but as a person.  

What attracted you to submit your song(s) to the NewSong Competition? 

A friend of mine forwarded me the competition and I looked into it, and researched Asheville and saw what a cool place it was, and I knew I had to take my shot and submit! I’m so excited with how everything turned out.  

Besides performing at the NewSong Competition, what else would you like to do or see while in Asheville? 

I’ve never been to Asheville, or North Carolina for that matter! I’m excited to explore the city, and just sight see! I’m going to try to pack as much in as I can while I’m here, I can’t wait to see the downtown and maybe go check out an art gallery.  

Do you have any recent or forthcoming projects to tell us about? 

I’m currently working on my next EP and writing a lot. I have a bunch of unreleased songs that I really want to put out soon! It’s filled with harmonies and synths, and I think it’ll be important in establishing my sound other than the EDM stuff I’ve been doing lately!