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November 13th, 2019

Meet NewSong finalist Jobi Riccio

NewSong is proud to introduce 2019 finalist Jobi Riccio! The Boston-based singer-songwriter from Denver, CO will join her fellow finalists onstage at Isis Music Hall on Saturday Nov. 23 for the 18th annual NewSong Final Competition. 

Inspired by artists ranging from Buck Owens to Joni Mitchell, and the bluegrass community she came of age in, Jobi writes songs that meld classic country sounds with modern sensibilities. Her Debut EP “Strawberry Wine” is an ode to the women of country music she grew up singing along to in her bedroom, and is streaming everywhere now.  

We asked Jobi about her musical inspiration, songwriting process and what music news she has coming up in the Q&A below. 

Connect with Jobi on her websiteFacebook page, Twitter and Instagram. For more information on attending this event, please visit our Facebook event page. Purchase tickets to the NewSong finals at Isis Music Hall on Nov. 23 here

What are your most significant musical/artistic inspirations?

My greatest musical influences draw from classic country and Americana music. I’m specifically drawn to female artists and songwriters like Dolly Parton and Emmylou Harris, as well as their contemporaries, such as Lucinda Williams, Patty Griffin, and Kacey Musgraves. I am also very inspired by songwriters and artists who heavily draw from roots genres, such as Bruce Springsteen and Joni Mitchell.

What is your songwriting process like?

I am primarily lyrically driven. I suppose that comes as a result of steady diet of Americana, country, and singer-songwriters all throughout my childhood. In general, I try to shape the melody and chords around the lyrical or emotional idea I have and really try to channel just what that experience or feeling sounds like. However, I feel every song has its own way it wants or needs to be written, and I and am always seeking out and discovering new ways of songwriting.

What was your reaction to being named a NewSong finalist?

I was super surprised and, of course, excited! It’s a real talented crop this year, and I think I’m one of the youngest — if not the youngest — artist to be selected so I’m extra honored and excited to cultivate new friendships with writers of all ages from all over the country.

What music news would you like to share with readers?

I released my debut EP “Strawberry Wine” last winter, and am planning on releasing some new singles this spring. I’ll be preforming at Swallow Hill Music on December 21st, where I grew up taking mandolin and guitar as a teenager in addition to several Boston area shows earlier in December and early 2020.
For more information on attending the NewSong Competition event, please visit our Facebook event page. Buy tickets here