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November 20th, 2019

Meet NewSong finalist Aaron John

NewSong is proud to introduce 2019 finalist Aaron John! The Nashville-based singer-songwriter will join his fellow finalists onstage at Isis Music Hall on Saturday Nov. 23 for the 18th annual NewSong Final Competition. 

We asked Aaron about his musical inspiration, songwriting process and what music news he has coming up in the Q&A below. 

Connect with Aaron on his bandcampFacebook page, and Instagram. For more information on attending this event, please visit our Facebook event page. Purchase tickets to the NewSong finals at Isis Music Hall on Nov. 23 here

What are your most significant musical/artistic inspirations?

The Hotelier, Pinegrove, Blake Mills, Big Thief, Neil Young, and Sun Kil Moon.

What is your songwriting process like?

For me, it’s pretty essential that the melody and rhythm guitar part materialize together. Just about everything I write starts off with a tidbit of a melody/guitar part that gets stuck in my head, followed respectively by a guitar part/melody that flows into place most naturally. After the initial idea is established, I turn off the objective and analytical side of my brain and let lyrics out until I find a phonetic current that folds into the guitar and melody. From there, I ride that current out until more direction has been uncovered and change most all of the words (because everything i’ve let out up to this point in the process is likely grammatical gibberish). And then on it’s just a slog of a pursuit for maintaining purpose and cohesion.


What was your reaction to being named a NewSong finalist?

Excitement, easily! I was lucky enough to play backup guitar in last year’s New Song finals for the eventual winner, Mel Bryant, so I was able to see firsthand how wonderfully supportive, talented, and encouraging the entire New Song community is. Because of how rare it is to find a contest environment like that, choosing to apply for myself the following year was an easy decision.

What music news would you like to share with readers?

I have my debut EP “Coming Clean” releasing in early 2020!
For more information on attending the NewSong Competition event, please visit our Facebook event page. Buy tickets here