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June 24th, 2019

NewSong Recordings Spotlight: Kelly English’s ‘City Limits’

This week, we are checking in with up-and-coming songwriter Kelly English, who recorded her debut album, City Limits, with NewSong Recordings in 2017. We first met Kelly when she was a finalist in the NewSong competition in 2015, where she impressed judges with her strong vocals and intimate lyrics. NewSong Recordings is proud to release her sophomore album, The Savannah Theory, coming soon. 


What does your first album represent for you?

City Limits represents the passage from being a young songwriter, to finally finding my own original sound and sharing it with people. That album gave me confidence, as well as a renewed hunger to keep writing music. City Limits was also special to me because I got to work with Gar Ragland at Echo Mountain Recording Studios in Asheville, NC. The process of working with Gar, and getting to release my album through NewSong Music, has been incredibly rewarding.

What can you tell us about the new album coming out?

My new upcoming album is called The Savanna Theory. I was lucky enough to get to work with Gar Ragland again on this project. The Savanna Theory takes a harder, darker look at the emotions associated with the aftermath of a relationship and the prospect of moving forward. The album has a dark, moody indie/folk sound. I used a lot of electric guitar on this album, which I was really excited to explore. I brought my Fender Jazzmaster down to Asheville, and Gar and I were able to create some really cool, new sounds for this record.

How do you feel like you have grown or changed as a musician since City Limits was released?

One way I have grown as a musician is in finding my own unique point of view and trusting it. City Limits is a really accurate snapshot of my life and my emotions at that time. I have continued to grow in that direction and draw from my own experiences. Releasing City Limits also gave me the confidence to be bold and original in my songwriting. It gave me the drive to continue refining and improving my songwriting craft.

What news do you have to share?

Since releasing City Limits, I have been performing around the CT tri-state area. I have been getting a great response to my original music, especially songs from the record. 
This past May, I competed as finalist in a songwriting contest based out of Cape Cod, MA called the Eventide Songwriting Competition, in which I took home first prize in the singer/songwriter category for my song “Selfish Like You.” It was a real honor to get to perform alongside other talented musicians, and to be recognized for my music. Meghan Trainor is a past winner of the competition.
I have some great festival gigs coming up this summer, including the Glastonbury Apple Harvest and Music Festival, as well as the Rose Arts Music Festival in Norwich, CT. I will also be performing at the free music event “Audio Feed” Live on Constitution Plaza in Hartford, CT this July.
To learn more about Kelly English and her music, visit the artist’s bandcamp page, and follow her Instagram, Facebook and YouTube