Winner Selection

How We Pick the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest Winner


In the end, the overall winner is the entrant deemed to have the strongest combination of both songwriting and performance skills.

Regional round finalists (10 for each region, sixty in all), Early Bird and General Round winners are determined by the material they submit.

Regional round winners (6) are determined by their submitted material, AS WELL AS their live performance ability as determined by their YouTube videos (once selected, ALL regional round finalists are required to submit a link to a YouTube performance video).

The ‘People’s Choice’ Award winner (the regional finalist who ultimately receives the most votes) will also advance to the ‘Award Round.’

A total of twelve (12) ‘Award Round’ semifinalists will be selected to come to New York to perform in the international ‘Award Round,’ held this year on Saturday, October 19 at New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.