How do I enter the contest?

You have two choices.

ONLINE – submit quickly and easily through our safe, secure submission platform.
Click here to enter online.


1. If you’re submitting multiple song entries on a single CD, you must fill out a separate mail-in form for each song. On the form, please specify which track number the song is on the CD.

2. The entry fee is $35 per song. There is no limit to the number of songs you can submit.

3. Payment must be made by check, certified check or money order. Make checks payable to ‘NewSong Contest.’

4. All submissions must be postmarked by the date of the appropriate deadline listed on the main contest page.

5. All mail-in submissions MUST include the mail-in form that’s completed and signed. Click here to download and print.

6. Mail submissions via US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx to:

175 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801

7. Email questions to contest@newsong-music.com

8. Thanks and good luck!

How much does it cost to enter?

The fee is $35 for the first song, $60 for two songs, and each additional song after is $20. If you’re affiliated with any of our partners, you’re eligible for a $5 submission discount on each of the first two entries. This discount requires a discount code, provided by our partners to their membership.

What are the deadlines/important dates?

Please visit this Important Dates page on this site.

If I am selected to advance in the general or regional rounds, do I have to play the same song that I submitted?

No you do not have to play the same song you auditioned with.

Where are the regional round live performances held?

This year, the regional round finals will be held ONLINE. As someone who advances in the regional round, you will upload a live video of yourself performing. The live regional performance will not actually happen at a venue in your region, it is all online. NewSong-Music works hard to promote our finalists and feel that a video submission from a promotional aspect is very useful to the artist. Aside from our judges, there will also be a popular vote (the ‘People’s Choice’) on your video submission, and having it online rather than at a local venue allows more people all over the world to be exposed to your video and vote, regardless of location.

Can the live performance video that I upload as a regional finalist be a music video?

No, it has to be a LIVE performance video, not a video with your recorded music in the background.

What if I want enter – through your mail-in option – more than one song that are all on the same CD and I’ve decided to enter by mailing in my songs? Do I have to send you multiple packages, or multiple CDs?

Nope. You can send us one package with the one CD but it is important that you fill out a mail-in form for each song. On the form, please specify which track number the song is on the CD.

Will it benefit me in any way to submit my song to both the General Round and a Regional Round?

The benefit of entering the Regional Rounds is that you’re competing with people from a specific region, which means there are less contestants and more opportunity for you to win! In the General Round you’re competing with anyone in the world that wants to enter, so there is much more competition (but of course there are 5 available general slots and only 1 slot per region in the Award Round).

Is the Early Bird submission part of the General Round or the Regional Round?

The Early Bird submissions are part of the General Round. Five General Round finalists will be chosen, and two of those slots are reserved for Early Bird submissions. If you submit as an Early Bird and you are not chosen for one of the Early Bird slots, your submission automatically stays in the General Round, so you still have an opportunity to fill one of the remaining general round slots.

I was selected as a finalist and submitting more than one song. Which song was chosen?

Particular songs aren’t selected. YOU the artist are selected based on the songs. This is not a competition to find the best song, it’s a contest to find the best performing songwriters, whom we determine based on your entry or entries.

What’s the difference between the NewSong Contest, Mountain Stage, and the regional NewSong Contest?

The NewSong Contest and the Mountain Stage Contest are the same thing. It’s actually entitled the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest. Mountain Stage, the live performance radio show on NPR, is a contest partner with NewSong Music, which produces the contest.

This one contest has both regional rounds and a general round. . . both play a role in determining our twelve Award Round semi-finalists, who will gather this fall to perform and compete in New York in the Award Round.